Great negotiator
Matt settled my 7500 collection for 2900 he spent a lot of time and energy to get me settled down to what I could afford . worth every penny.


Very knowledgeable attorney!
Matt was honest and took his time explaining everything. We would highly recommend Matt!


Excellent representation
Mr. Raulerson has handled a wide variety of problems, and cases for me personally and for my business. I use to work with two different attorneys, now Mr. Raulerson handles everything. Very convenient.


Very knowledgeable response to my question.
I have rental properties and was seeking opinion if there was more i could do to protect myself with current lease I'm using. Said lease was decent but he certainly could add some language that would provide more clarity/protection for a Landlord. As my current leases expire I'm comfortable having Matt rewrite them for me.


Writ Of Garnishment Relief
I came across Mr. Raulerson by chance. I had looked up Garnishments by a certain creditor and how to file a claim of exemption. Somehow, I was cross referenced with AVVO and low and behold I found him. I have worked with Mr. Raulerson in Real Estate 10 years ago, but did not know he extended his career into law as well. I knew he was the right one for my case. I forwarded documents and met with him. He went over my case, filed the proper documents and with less than a month my writ of garnishment was abolished in the courts and I had my funds returned. His memory of Florida Statutes is exemplary. He rattled off what I needed to do immediately and I followed his directive. I am so very grateful and thankful for his representation. He was always available to answer any question and cleared up any hesitation I might have had in going through a very devastating process as this one. He is a reputable man and I will always have Mr. Raulerson as my lawyer.


Way WAY beyond any expectation
I posted my case on AVVO and, within the hour, received a message, an answer from David Matthew Raulerson. The next day he actually paid me a call and spoke to me -at length, almost 45 minutes- about every aspect of the case.
I just wanted to thank him again for his exemplary courtesy, his wonderful, detailed advice and his suggestions, for taking the time to care, to call and to share his precious time with me. Most of all, for taking me and my concerns, my situation, my case seriously and offering constructive, valuable and most knowledgeable , no-nonsense options and scenarios. He is absolutely unbelievable. Everybody needs a lawyer like him - if ever there was a lawyer that made me seriously consider moving to Ft. Myers, it is you!
I can't thank him enough.


Knowledgable, kind, efficient
my case is a bit complicated and extensive- too much to handle for a 'civilian' and a novice, at that. Mr Raulerson Mr Raulerson explained the proceedings of answering a summons to me. He took his time, without haste or rushing, to patiently take apart the situation, gave me the feeling of actually CARING . How RARE. How wonderful. He calmed me down enough to tackle the situation head on and fearlessly. Well, a little anxiety and fear is still there, of course. But, thanks to his kindness and selfless help, I could stifle the panic, had a 'road map' on what to do next -and what NOT to do, very important- and gave m a roadmap to file an answer, be organized, procure the detailed paperwork, photographs, witness list for the preliminary hearing and the discovery to follow. There ARE wonderful, souls like him among us, who chose their profession because they LIKE people, because they LIKE helping and keeping the Positive in life going. "Happiness runs in perpetual motion". I can only sing his highest praises. Anyone fortunate enough to have this exemplary attourney and human being in their corner should fall to their knees and thank the Universe. Unfortunately, he is too far away to take my case.